Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life of Autotune

Dude, you're not supposed to eat the Grammy.

So, this is kind of hard to write, but I think you will feel me.

I hate autotune like you hate autotune. But, we're actually both wrong. The fact is that T-Pain made a whole style off a stupid effect (that was amusingly referred to by recording engineers as "The Cher effect" before he ran with it) and this is both awesome and hilarious.

But I digress, here is how it all went down. He sounded different and all of a sudden he was on every hook ever. Then other people were autotuning, then Lil Wayne and Kanye are autotunin'. Then real heads were like enough is enough, this is bullshit. Then two months later Jay-Z decides to speak for everyone and declare the death of autotune. Fucking Jay-Z. Dude is that self righteous that he can declare the death of a plugin? NO WAY. Autotune is overused, annoying even, but there is no way Jay-Z's Linkin Park loving ass is going to tell me what fucking plug-in an MC can rock.

So I decided to say fuck the haters (including myself) and put a verse through the autotune and stick it on my myspace as part of a bizzare protest to general haterism. And good luck to HOVA with Blueprint 3 , that new track with Rhianna is dope.

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